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MED - The Mediterranean Sea
The Mediterranean Sea is located between Europe, Africa, and Asia;
It connects with the Atlantic Ocean, the Black Sea and the Red Sea.
This geographical area has a connection to the world.
It is a center of Civilization, encompassing Ancient Greece & Phoenicia, and a bridge between East & West, where cultures and traditions meet, bringing many worlds together.
The ancient civilizations such as the Greek and Phoenician proliferated around the Mediterranean Sea, travelled and reached the Atlantic Ocean.
This Sea witnessed the beginning of great civilizations, traditions, customs, religions, alphabets and international festivals such as the ancient Olympic games.

QUEST Search - Conquest

To Search and Conquer is our mission.

To seek and find regional and Int'l talents.
To search for both Possible and Impossible.
To venture into new opportunities.
To connect with the regional market.
To reach new heights.
To develop a "Partnership", to create a synergism.