Interperformances consultants MedQuest is proud to present to you a wide choice and variety of basketball coaches and players from around the world, through being Interperformances’ consultant in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
Joint Venture with the United States Basketball Academy (2005)  
MedQuest has signed a joint venture agreement with the USBA, the Number 1 Basketball Training facility in the world.
MedQuest's partnership with the USBA will provide the Middle and Near East region the basketball knowledge needed by its players and coaches.
Major basketball events organized by MedQuest and the USBA will take place every year in Lebanon and the Midd...
Basketball: Johnny Taylor signs with Blue Stars  
Johnny Taylor signs with Blue Stars
Basketball: Cheikh Ya Ya Dia signs with Blue Stars  
Senegalese player Cheikh Ya Ya Dia (6'8''-F/C, College: Georgetown). Dia played for four months in the Lebanese league with the Blue Stars team and participated in the West Asian Super League and the Dubai Tournament.
Dia averaged 11.8 ppg & 12.2 rpg (2nd in the league). He was also winner of the MVP award in the Dubai Tournament.
Ya Ya, who graduated from Georgetown University in 1995, ha...
USBA Basketball Camp - Beirut (2005)  
The event at the launching of the joint venture with the United States Basketball Academy was the USBA Basketball Camp, which targeted players from 8 to 18 years of age, and took place at the Club Central Jounieh. This first USBA camp in the Middle East was run by Head Coach Fred Litzenberger and Head Coach Clay Moser, who were coordinating with national head coach Fouad Abou Chacra. For a period ...